My Name is Helen

Helen went to a meeting and met a leader in her field. She thought he needed her upstairs. Once in his room, he raped her.

My Name is Chris

Chris’ girlfriend went abroad to study physics for a semester. When she came back, she shared what happened to her sending them both down a path of self destruction and anger.

My Name is Brin

Brin was in college when she was sexually assaulted. She told her professor because she couldn’t face the student who raped her. Nothing happened to him and he applied to the same fellowship programs she did.

My Name is Rachelle

Dr Jones was harassed for years. She carefully documented what happened and thought her university was protecting her. They weren’t.

My Name Is Anna

Assaulted by a fellow graduate student, Anna and the women in her classes were subject to gender harassment by male TAs and a university that appeared to do nothing to them. She says she has become afraid of men and relies on ‘the whispernet’ to know who to avoid.

My Name is Reagan

Reagan’s experiences with harassment and misconduct have left her feeling like she has lost her humanity and faith in men’s motives.

My Name is Sarah

Sarah was assaulted by a professor from another university the first night of her first conference. She says the burden of her assault and the stress of representing non-white women has left her anxious and years behind her peers.

My Name is Lauren

Lauren was 22 when her 50 year old advisor took advantage of her admiration of him and had sex with her at a conference. She says she was naive and is scarred deeply by the experience. 

My Name is Kyra

Kyra told her advisor about a senior student harassing her. Her advisor ‘couldn’t believe it’. The fact that her advisor was also a woman still hurt for Kyra to think about.

My Name is Kaley

Kaley reported her supervisor for harassment. Women in power was told to be quiet and avoid him. She no longer trusts men in power or the women who are around them.