My Name is Daisy

Daisy gave her mentor the benefit of the doubt. When he sexually assaulted her, she says she was ‘lucky’ to have short term disability to cover part of her salary.

My Name is Carol

Carol overcame harassment, discrimination and threats, but none of these things prepared her for being fired when she asked for maternity leave.

My Name is Sally

Sally’s disability and small size made it harder to defend herself from the men who licked, grabbed, groped and assaulted her. She says she’s given up on justice.

My Name is Hilda

Hilda has given up collaborations and papers because of harassment and hostility to women in science. She has decided to leave science.

My Name is Kathleen

Unfortunately those weren’t his only plans because after an hour or so of what I thought was great conversation he asked me back to his room.

My Name is Frankie

Frankie was new to conferences and was happy to have found friends. One of her friends got increasingly creepy, pushing drinks and physical contact in spite of clearly being told she wasn’t interested. The last night, she said she felt lucky to escape him.

My Name is Sara

Sara runs to relax after a six month period where her ex assaulted and stalked her, her lab became unsafe and a new faculty member turned a job meeting into a date.

My Name is Molly

He waited until everyone had left, then attacked me. He kicked me in the back, mauled my arms with his fingernails, then finally wrapped his hands around my neck and slammed my head into a wall.

My Name is Carrie

The head of the school interviewed all my witnesses and terrified them into silence or lying.