My Name is Julia

My Worst Moment: Running down four flights of stairs in the nearly empty Math building, tripping and falling as I stumbled outside, feeling sick to my stomach as I questioned if I’d “overreacted” to my 60+ year-old professor’s advancements. I Have Given Up On: Math. I loved it, I was passionate about it, I wanted to study nothing else. But I couldn’t …

My Name Is Sara

My name is Sara. Thankfully, my story doesn’t involve physical abuse as many of the exploited and mistreated women who were brave enough to share theirs. First, I want to say thank you for your courage.  My Worst Moment:  I spent the first two years of graduate school in suffering. I had received an internship with a well-known scientific government organization, …

My Name Is Mary

My worst moment was when my boss threatened to fire me and keep me from jobs or when a senior male colleague told me we would not hire more women, ever. I don’t know what is worse.

My Name is Eileen

My Worst Moment: Realizing that after years of fighting harassment, I still ended up letting myself be harmed by a powerful senior narcissist who I should have known was not really interested in my work, in me, or in helping me. Power differentials affect consent. I Have Given Up On: Having my work taken seriously; not being seen as an …

My Name is ShepersistedURM_STEM

I’m afraid that it is too late for our male graduate students to learn how to interact in an equitable and respectful way with everyone in STEM. I’m afraid that sexual harassers in STEM will continue to be well funded and lauded. I’m afraid that the response will be unequal and there would be pockets of no accountability and immunity for this behavior.

My Name is Jen

I joined my institution title IX committee after those events. I thought it’d be empowering. It turned out to be utterly demoralizing. I watched a friend go through a complaint procedure and being pushed out of grad school while her harasser who was her own PI was left in peace. I realized title IX is here to protect the institution and not the victims. The piece of advice I wish I had been given is to not bother with the internal procedures and just file an actual complaint.

My Name is Rogue

My worst moment was when a colleague tried to insist that I sleep with him to prove I wasn’t gay. In public, in front of other colleagues and students.

My Name is Dr. Sea

My worst #metoo moment though was when I went on the largest female expedition to Antarctica to “combat sexism in science” and instead we were bullied by the female leadership and – some of us – sexually harassed by the male crew. When we tried to make it safer for the next cohort, we were ostracised, defamed and slut-shamed by some of our “science sisters”. The hypocrisy and lack of empathy by some of our own felt actually worse than what I experienced at the hands of men.

My Name is Carla

I am afraid that someday at a conference or professional event I won’t be able to avoid talking to him alone, and I am terrified about what he will say or do. I have literal nightmares about that.

My Name is Jade

I have given up on the reasons why I started this PhD, I have given up on loving science. I lost all motivation to pursue a career in academia, as I won’t ever trust academics again.