We have advocates, allies and informed individuals who can can help individuals develop a rich community of healing and safety and connect with local and national resources. MeTooSTEM does not offer legal advice or emergency services.

Peer and Expertise Support

Participate in our near-weekly video conference calls on Thursday evenings (9pm EST). DM the @MeTooSTEM twitter account for the link to these confidential calls. 

The video calls are live-tweeted, follow the hashtag #MTSTalks.


Participate in our support group where we learn skills from DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy) and other strategies to cope with trauma. 

Get a free initial legal consultation with a lawyer.

Care and Safety

Receive a care package that includes stress-reducing items. This may include a stress ball, journal, aromatherapy, and more.  

Receive a security package which include nest cams and other safety enhancing items.

Create a plan to help you avoid dangerous situations and advise you how to respond if you are in danger. 

National Filing

File with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in order to request public universities to disclose information regarding Title IX findings.

File with the Department of Justice in order to report a Title IX case to the Department of Justice.

Draft a “letter of concern” for sexual harassment in the workplace. 

Social Media and More

Have the #STEMTrollAlert help you with dealing with internet pests and trolls. These people follow three rules: 1) Not to swear, 2) to provide literature when asked and 3) to remove the targeted individual from the conversation.

The @MeTooSTEM with over 7,000 followers will retweet and share your content in order to amplify your voice.

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Did You Know?

Many renters and home owner’s insurance policies cover you if you are sued for libel or defamation. This could significantly decrease your liability in some instances where whistleblowers are concerned they might be sued. Be sure to check with your insurance agent and get professional legal advice.