My Name is Julie

As a new Associate Professor, Julie was assaulted by an emeritus professor in front of other people at a public retirement party on campus.

My Name is Meredith

My first conference in graduate school I was sexually assaulted. I had a senior man scientist (who is still in my field) grab me around my waist, lick my ear, and ask another man “am I taking her home or you are?”.

My Name is Pamela

In the last year of my PhD, my PhD advisor made it very clear that he was interested in me (this came completely out of left field for me), and I found myself in a series of inappropriate and awkward situations despite my very clear communication that I was not interested.

My Name Is Jen

Then came the targeted verbal harassment of the most crude nature from the start postdoc with in credibly foul comments launched across the la targeted at my body and my relationship with my boyfriend.

My Name is Former Dreamer

It has cost me the ability to trust that I can say yes to going away into things like expeditions and not be taken advantage of.

My Name Is Anne

When I got to the restaurant, he was 100% drunk and not interested in talking about anything substantive but instead asked personal questions, making me so uncomfortable I couldn’t network with his colleagues. I left after only a few minutes, humiliated and angry.

My Name Is Sam

I’ve been the victim of retaliation by my university and a member of the faculty who was ‘that guy’ – the ‘harmless’ one who ‘loved women’. The one who sexually harassed trainees and colleagues.