My Name is Alex

My Name is not Alex.

A group of interns in an isolated place. Him waiting in the dark room silently until I walked alone to that room to take my computer charger. Him pushing me to stay with him alone for him to declare his love, because I am a meat he is entitled to, I have no worth other than complying to his desires, a doll, a nothing.

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Alex declined to share a picture

My Worst Moment: Multiple panic attacks, paranoia, always following other interns around, never staying alone, never stargazing again, being afraid to come to work every day, feeling worthless. Other interns noticing this interns weird and disgusting behavior towards me, and doing nothing. Having been told it’s my fault for talking to him politely. Hiding from him for two hours in a room. Crying and running to escape in front of senior researchers and even, panicked, considering jumping out of the window then not doing it.

I Have Given Up On: Expecting male interns and researchers to treat me as a human being. Waiting for help from other people.

I’m Afraid: To ever meet him again or ending up in the same field.

This Has Cost Me: $400

Something You Should Know About Me: declined to answer

Is There a Bright Side:  It only lasted 1 month, with this man being rude and unprofessional for about 2 weeks.

My Fight Song: Foals - Two Steps, Twice

Secret Weapon: Rage