Sharing your story can be difficult and we want to ensure everyone takes care of themselves. MeTooSTEM does not offer legal advice or emergency services. We have advocates, allies and informed individuals who can can help individuals develop a rich community of healing and safety and connect with local and national resources.

COMMUNITY: MeTooSTEM offers weekly MTSTalks on Thursday evenings. Topics range from PTSD, professional accommodations, safety planning to professional networking. Video links and topics can found @metoostem on Twitter.

SOCIAL MEDIA SAFETY: Allies can help targeted individuals who are being bullied, harassed or bothered by pests on social media. By using the #STEMTrollAlert hashtag on Twitter, male allies will engage with individuals on your behalf. They can do heavy lifting of sharing data about gender discrimination as well as shoo your pests away. #STEMTrollAlert associated individuals can be found here. They are asked 1) Not to swear, 2) to provide literature when asked and 3) to remove the targeted individual from the conversation. As covered in ASMBM’s award winning article by Laurel Aldach.

NATIONAL FILING OF SEXUAL MISCONDUCT: MeTooSTEM will file on behalf of individuals who wish to report sexual misconduct to funding agencies.

TITLE IX and TITLE VII Claims: We strongly urge individuals to file charges nationally with the OCR instead of locally with home institutions to create an independent footprint. If you are unhappy with the outcome of your filing, concerns can be lodged with the DoJ using information found under “Educational Opportunities” on this page. It’s always good to check the national database of institutions that have active Department of Justice investigations to know about concerns surrounding reporting sexual violence on your campus.

CARE AND SAFETY PACKAGES AND PLANNING: Fill out our client intake form to request peer social media monitoring, Nest cam monitoring, guidance on meeting with security professionals and administrators on accommodations local security personnel can offer. We will get back to you within 10 days.

Did you know?

Many renters and home owner’s insurance policies cover you if you are sued for libel or defamation. This could significantly decrease your liability in some instances where whistleblowers are concerned they might be sued. Be sure to check with your insurance agent and get professional legal advice.

Resources for getting trained as an emergency responder for individuals who have been sexually assaulted. In March 2019, we encouraged all our volunteers to get training as responders to sexual violence. The programs typically require 40 hours either online or in person. A variety of national and local resources are available and MeTooSTEM will reimburse volunteers for training fees.

*Please note that we are not directly affiliated with any of the resources listed above.