My Name is Allie

My name is not Allie

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“I’m afraid of the horrible men in power” Allie declined to provide a photo.

My Worst Moment I was a grad student in biophysics and I was invited to a dinner with a Nobel Prize winner some faculty and one or two postdocs. The wife of one prof and I were the only women. When everyone was leaving and in front of everyone, the Nobel Prize winning old man kisses me on the lips and does the same to the other woman (in front of her husband). Zero comments from the others. Just deep awkwardness. And disgust. No one wanted to call him out and risk their reputation as one of the guys to defend a young graduate student.

I Have Given Up On: Biophysics. I do biology now.

I’m Afraid: Of the horrible men in power.

This Has Cost Me: Time. Prestige. Opportunities.

Something You Should Know About Me: I’m an adamant feminist now.

Is There a Bright Side: Nope.