Support MeTooSTEM’s GoFundMe Campaign

Support us! We are actively collecting money via GoFundMe to start a non profit with the goal of advocating and providing legal consultations for victims of sexual misconduct in STEM. If you are sexually assaulted on a college campus or at a professional meeting by a professor in medicine or science, you do not get access to the normal resources you see in the criminal justice system. You get no lawyer to prosecute your case, very few victims services and have to rely on physical and mental health resources provided by your university.

If the professor who hurt you is your teacher or advisor, universities not only won’t let others know they are facing charges, but he can remain on campus – teaching, interacting with colleagues and, most importantly, retaliating. We know that 90% of women who report sexual assault and harassment are retaliated against. 

Getting a private lawyer who will independently serve as an advocate for victims allowing them to focus on healing and recovery will cost between $4,000-$10,000. To start. Victims are often investigated by universities, intimidated into silence by Title IX officers and redirected to ’employee assistance’ programs that won’t show up in federal reports of violence against women and minorities. This is utterly unacceptable.

We will streamline the advocacy process by informing victims of their rights, pressuring universities to place accused harassers on administrative leave during the initial 30-60 day investigation and putting victims safety first. We need money to make this happen.