My Name is Alexis


Alexis is afraid her success will be attributed to her looks rather than her hard work.             Alexis declined to provide a photo. Image from the Hindu (The Hindu)

My Worst Moment: Not my worst, but while rotating through labs in graduate school a senior member of the lab and I were discussing my plans for my dissertation and how it was going well so far. He commented, “You’re probably successful because you’re cute. A lot of girls in this field aren’t so pretty and don’t get as much attention. It helps when you’re attractive.” I’m successful because I work hard, not because I’m cute.

I Have Given Up On: Low expectations for women in STEM.

I’m Afraid: My success will be boiled down to my looks.

Something You Should Know About Me: I’m lucky to not have encountered as much sexual harassment as I’ve heard about at my institution, and it hurts to call this a “victory.”

Is There a Bright Side: No one can take away what you make for yourself.

My Fight Song: You’re the Best Around, montage song from Karate Kid!

Secret Weapon: Publishing.