My Name is Carly

Carly was sexually assaulted by her boss and experienced severe retaliation after reporting to Title IX. She decided to publicly share her story to help open the door for other women who have been victimized to share theirs. Carly provided the photo of her and her dog.

My Worst Moment: Finding out my boss wanted to fire me (after he sexually assaulted me) because I would not sleep with him and that not a single surgeon in the department who knew thought such behavior warranted any serious action more then “yelling at him.”

I Have Given Up On: Going to graduate school for public health to pursue a career in research. After experiencing such pervasive harassment in my twenties when I was just beginning a career in medicine, my perception of the field changed drastically enough that I lost the desire to pursue a career in it. 

I’m Afraid: That nothing will change and prominent surgeons in academia at my institution will continue this behavior and more women will be demoralized and leave medicine, thus causing a continuation of the environment.

This Has Cost Me:After coming forward to Title IX, the severe retaliation and continued harassment forced me to resign and the only position open was a part time job, so my salary was cut by 50% from 56,000 to 28,000. It also left me depressed and severely emotionally traumatized when my institution continued to support a known perpetrator who harassed numerous women and chose to discredit and smear me so as to delegitimize my claims, rather than hold my harasser accountable. 

Is There a Bright Side: Maryland has been forced to actually respond to the allegations and even though they deny everything and continue to evade responsibility, they are at least forced to acknowledge our complaints.

Something You Should Know About Me: I decided to publicly share my story and more women are now coming forward. It’s the one thing that has made all the pain worth it - opening the door for women who have also been victimized to speak up.

My Fight Song: Rihanna and Cardi B all day

Secret Weapon: Chicken fingers and reading Roxane Gay