My Name is Marni

Marni experienced significant consequences from her victimization, including homelessness, an estimated $3 million USD in lost salary, and 30 years due to premature aging. Marni declined to provide a photo.

My Worst Moment: Being injured by children throwing rocks at my tent when I was homeless, just days after returning from the United States, where some people were supposedly ‘helping’ me with my Theoretical Physics career.

I Have Given Up On: Low self-esteem.

I’m Afraid: Not afraid of anything now. Absolutely nothing. Once you learn to stare the Beast in the face and return the fire, you are a warrior.

This Has Cost Me: Estimate of lost salary: 30 years as a senior professor on an average of USD100000 per year (not including other perks) = USD 3 million. 

Health costs: premature aging estimate = 30 years (following studies on homelessness); failures of a biased medical system resulting in (temporary) brain damage from severe malnutrition, long term cognitive difficulties due to depression and anxiety; health problems due to torture, cyberabuse and psychological abuse include anxiety, stress, paranoia, psychosis, fatigue, pain, chronic insomnia, visual impairment and vertigo. 

Lost opportunites: The University of Oxford lost the opportunity to support and employ one of the world’s leading brilliant theoretical physicists. Universities in New Zealand and Australia lost the opportunity to learn about the problems of academic mobbing from an experienced target. Private research think tanks lose opportunities constantly by ignoring studies that show how diversity increases productivity (duh). 

Something You Should Know About Me: I figured out in 2017 how quantum inertia justifies the neutrino CMB mass correspondence. This revolutionises cosmology, and brings wonderful insights into the new motivic approach to quantum gravity. 

Is There A Bright Side: I’m still here! And I know more than I did before. 

My Fight Song:
I hear their mocking laughter, every time I forgive
For they think that forgiveness is weakness
They do not know that their power is an illusion
That arrogance, bigotry and greed have already had their day
That they can never make us hate them in return, because our hearts do not work that way
And one day soon, when everyone really knows what they have done, it is to us that they will turn for help, because they will be widely shunned
By a world that believed their lies

Secret Weapon: Love and Truth.