My Name is Jamie

Rather than receiving support and understanding from her supervisor, Jamie was called lazy and unfocused while on maternity leave delivering and caring for her premature child.

Worst Moment: I came back from maternity leave and a collaborator with a busy schedule immediately set a meeting with me. At first, this seemed like a lucky break, but I quickly learned that meeting wasn’t to discuss my manuscript. This collaborator needed to tell me something that couldn’t have a paper trail.

My supervisor was telling everyone that he was disappointed in me because of work left unfinished while I was on leave. I had gone on sick leave very early because I went into labor at 32 weeks. I spent days trying to stop my labor, had a complicated delivery followed by weeks in the NICU.

I was hard to get a hold of because I spent my days cuddling & trying to nurse a 3 pound infant. Despite science backing my actions, I was being judged for not responding to emails, or giving up my few hours of sleep to finish manuscripts. 

Bottom line, instead of having support during a difficult time, I was getting trash talked as a lazy and unfocused trainee.

I Have Given Up On: Expecting people who have children to understand what it’s like to have kids as a trainee.

I’m Afraid: People will stop collaborating with me, because of what my old supervisor had told them about my work ethic.

This Has Cost Me: I’m not even sure yet… How do you quantify the collaborator emails that never come?

Something You Should Know: I make really great espresso brownies.

Is There a Bright Side: I have learned that Mama Bear mode is very real.

My Fight Song: Baby Shark

Secret Weapon: The whisper network is starting to close in.