My name is Janice

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Janice is a postdoc who intervenes to stop a professor from inappropriately touching students while drinking at parties. She has given up hope that other faculty with equal power will call him out on his behavior. Janice declined to provide a photo. Photo by on

My Worst Moment: A certain professor is known for drinking with students at parties and targeting young women for potential sexual liasons. Given the power inequality it is difficult for these women to turn him down without fear of retribution. The other faculty know of his behavior towards young female scientists but no one does anything to stop it. I am a woman postdoc. I casually intervene if I see him engaging with a young woman who looks uncomfortable with the situation. My worst moment was when I left a party early and found out the next day he had been dancing and grabbing at one of the PhD students in our program. She was afraid of upsetting him and I wasn’t there to stop him.

I Have Given Up On: The hope that other faculty with equal power will call him out on his inappropriate behavior.

janiceI’m Afraid: That it someday it will go beyond inappropriate touching and the student will be too afraid to say no.

Something You Should Know About Me: I am a survivor of sexual assault.

Is There a Bright Side: The #metoo movement appears to have incited fear in the administration to emphasize the importance of Title IX and sexual harassment training. It also seems to have suppressed some of his more overt actions.

Secret Weapon: The young women in our group warn others of his behavior.