My Name Is Mary

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Mary wanted to do science that would help people. In pursuit of this goal, she was subjected to sexist remarks, not paid equally to her male colleagues, threatened to be fired, and told by a senior male colleague they would not hire women ever again. Mary declined to provide a photo. Photo by on

My Worst Moment: When my boss threatened to fire me and keep me from jobs or when a senior male colleague told me we would not hire more women, ever. I don’t know what is worse.

I Have Given Up On: A career in science where I am treated equally to my colleagues.

I’m Afraid: I will lose my job, be excluded from funding, or not be able to find a new job if my boss knew I said anything.

This Has Cost Me: At least 100K (because I had a fellowship, my boss didn’t pay me the NIH stipend. By the time I purchased my own health insurance I made less than most trainees with less experience than I did. Those trainees also happened to be male).

MARYSomething You Should Know About Me: All I ever wanted to do was science that might help people who are suffering. I cannot believe how political that simple thought can be.

Is There a Bright Side: It is getting harder to find.

Secret Weapon: I have a twitter account that has all the non-professional sexist things people have said to me during my training. It’s depressing, but at least it is time-stamped.