Hogwarts Francis Collins!

We are grateful for the statement issued by Francis Collins recognizing the NIH must do better: https://www.nih.gov/about-nih/who-we-are/nih-director/statements/update-nihs-efforts-address-sexual-harassment-science

We are also thrilled NIH will not allow people accused of sexual harassment to serve on grant review panels while being investigated: https://www.csr.nih.gov/reviewmatters/2019/03/25/ensuring-integrity-impartiality-in-peer-review/

AND, there is still a lot of work to be done!

Let’s ‘Hogwarts’ NIH Director Francis Collins and tell him TimesUp for Sexual Misconduct in NIH Funded Science!

Fill out this Google Form and we’ll send you up to 15 pre-stamped postcards addressed to NIH Director Francis Collins:


Let him know that no one with a history of sexual misconduct is eligible to receive the benefits of NIH money.

Below are some sample prompts you can write on your postcards to NIH Director:

Dear NIH Director,
Everyday you do not act, students and postdocs are being hurt and harassed in places where they should feel safe and supported. If you want great science, then protect the scientists. Please stop giving NIH funds to investigators found guilty of sexual misconduct.

Dear NIH Director,
Did you know there is a 90% retaliation rate when people use Title IX? You have tremendous leverage when it comes to curbing sexual harassment. If you stop funding abusers, then universities will think twice before hiring and retaining known abusers.

Dear NIH Director,
The NIH sponsored the NASEM report, which contains decades of research on sexual harassment in STEM. No more surveys — we need swift action. Stop giving NIH money to abusers.

Dear NIH Director,
By continuing to fund abusers, you are inadvertently driving away brilliant minds and stunting the scientific enterprise. Stop giving the benefits of NIH money to those found guilty of sexual misconduct by Title IX.

Dear NIH Director,
Have you read our stories at MeTooSTEM.com? This is the unfortunate reality for many womxn and womxn of color in STEM. You have the power to change this. Stop giving the benefits of NIH money to investigators found guilty by Title IX.